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Santa Maria de Guadalupe,

A love story

The Bridge Canada

Diciembre 11, 2020

Maria Luisa de Villa

On the eve of the 500th anniversary of the conquest of Mexico-Tenochtitlán in 1521 and in the times of pandemic that we live in today, we turn our eyes to Santa María de Guadalupe, star of the evangelization of Mexico, mother and consolation of Mexicans and all Guadalupanos in the world.

She was with her people in other times of pandemic such as during the virulent Matlazáhuatl, period from 1736 to 1737, when mortality exceeded births. To date, Covid-19 has claimed the lives of thousands and thousands of Mexicans and many more people around the world. The Insigne and National Basilica of Santa María de Guadalupe in Mexico City, the largest Marian center on the continent, capable of mobilizing millions of faithful every December 12, tonight of December 11, 2020, maintains its closed doors.

Outside, the cold December air carries the smell of roses because, the great atrium today empty of people, looks upholstered with a huge offering of flowers for the Virgin, composed of colorful rugs designed by Tlaxcala artisans from Huamantla, with more than 80,000 roses that the Mexicans gave their virgin. The mornings and solemn masses were made in a virtual way with the magic heart of the screen so that from our homes and despite the regrets, we could be with our Virgin of Tepeyac.

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