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Morning Pear Cacti_ Nopalera de la mananita. Tecnica mixta sobre papel esgrafiado, 38X28.5
Mujer y agave en Mazunte _ Woman and Agave at Mazunte. Dibujo tecnica mixta con pigmentos


A celebration of life, nature and a sense of place, of space

The flower as a theme and symbol of the strength of life, inspires my series of large format drawings on paper, oil paintings and installations. “My work pays homage to Mexican flora and the art of drawing, its form and content explore the idea of a sense of place, of space, and reflect a message of import to the 21st century- the delicate balance between humans and nature.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful homages to nature, was written in her diary by“the little girl from Amsterdam”Ana Frank, during her two year hiding with her family in the attic of a house. While looking outside from an unblocked corner of a window, Ana wrote, “As long as I can see the blue from the sky and our chestnut tree, I know I will be all right”. Two weeks before the 2nd World War ended, she was taken to Auschwitz.

I work in the series: mil papel/1000papers, unfolding the cultural and natural layers in the land and the universal design we all share: humans, plants and animals alike. Mil papel/1000papers, aludes to the wise and milenary ‘milpa’ biodiversity system of agriculture, “making art is a poetic visual form of ‘making milpa”. In times of unprecedented uncertainty, the constant of nature is a soothing balm, spring always comes and with it, the renewal of life. Silene, the ice age flower seed, blooms in Siberia reflecting the force of nature. When in darkness, art illuminates and embraces the pulsing heart of our earth. In this sense, my drawings resonate with  the ephemeral yet strength and beauty of life, through art and the visual form of a flower.”

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